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(We Have) Direct Access


Are you aware that you can come directly to Freedom Physical Therapy before seeing another health care provider? And your insurance will cover it! So long are the days where you must do the run around through the medical system to receive a referral for conservative care.

Why is this good for you?

  1. As physical therapists, our expertise is the musculoskeletal system. Who better to see if you have a muscle or joint ache, pain, or injury than one who works on it exclusively?
  2. Time and money matter! As insurance plans get more and more complicated, try conservative care first. Too often we hear the same story: “My knee (shoulder, hip, ankle, foot, back, neck, elbow, etc.) just started hurting so I went to my primary care doctor who gave me a prescription strength anti-inflammatory. It worked a little, but after still having the pain I went back to see my doctor. They sent me to an orthopedist. The orthopedist took X-rays and found nothing, so they want me to get an MRI. My insurance won’t let me get an MRI until I try physical therapy first”. After 4 office visits, an X-Ray, the plug for more imaging, and a month gone by, you end up here anyways! Save yourself the hassle, the money, and the time by seeing a physical therapist first! Again, your insurance will cover it. If you’re not sure about coverage, feel free to give us a call.

At Freedom PTTC we desire to help you break free from pain, be free from doubt and have the freedom to succeed in all that you do. That includes providing efficient conservative health care with passion, purpose, and promise. We will not treat you if you don’t belong here we do not want to waste your time or money.


Although direct access for physical therapy is an option, it’s important that you use discernment. If you are sick, have broken bones, have been in an accident, have lost more than 20lbs unexpectedly, or have other medical symptoms that are not muscular or mechanical in nature, go see a medical doctor. If you aren’t sure, just give us a call. We are happy to answer your questions.

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Mar 09, 2018

(We Are) Doctors of Physical Therapy

 At Freedom Physical Therapy, the same passionate Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) will treat you every visit until the completion of your care. To break it down, here is how we implement this goal at Freedom PTTC:
  • “Treated with Passion”: At Freedom PTTC, our DPTs job is to help you break free from your pain and your doubt. Freedom DPT’s work hard so that you have the freedom to live a healthy, movement filled life.
  • “Treated by a Doctor of PT”: At Freedom PTTC you will receive one on one care from the best. Those who come to us for care will always work with a DPT, not an aide, tech, or assistant.
  • “Same Doctor of PT for every visit”: This one is simple. You will have the same DPT for every visit. They start your care, join your team, and invest completely.
  • “Until the completion of your care”: At Freedom PTTC we fight for you. We fight for you to move in such a way that brings you freedom. Freedom to run, jump, lift your baby, carry your groceries, get off the couch, and get in the game!


A DPT is a board certified, nationally recognized healthcare provider who has at least 7 years of schooling and has thousands of clinical hours. The education is rigorous, but the process of getting accepted into an accredited DPT program alone is an impressive feat! In 2014, it was required that you must have your Doctorate in Physical Therapy. This posed a major supply and demand crisis, as many state universities were unable to maintain their accreditation. On average, Physical Therapy Doctoral programs will receive over 1500 applications each year but only accept between 40-60 students. The selection process is tough and only the best of the best make it through their schooling. The bottom line at Freedom PTTC is that you will be seen by a DPT. No one has more education, experience, or credibility and you deserve to be cared for by the best.


*To learn more about each of our passionate Doctors of Physical Therapy, CLICK HERE!

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Mar 02, 2018

(We Provide) One on One Care

If I go to an Ihop or a Denny’s, I am not surprised if I have a server who is overworked, tired, and underpaid. It is not a shock to me that I am not pampered with an ever-full glass of chilled water with a lemon, an explanation of the menu, or a warm towel to wipe my hands after the delicious, free dinner rolls. On the other hand, if I am at a restaurant like Capital Grille, I expect an incredible experience and even better service. As the old saying goes, “You get what you pay for.” Our culture has emphasized appropriate service for restaurants, hotels, and banks and when our expectations are not met, we are not only mad, but offended! We have set a precedent for what is acceptable and we are not afraid to voice our opinions. Just have a look at Yelp. 

What about when it comes to your health? Do you have a standard by which you follow to make sure that you not only get the best service, but the best care? Are you aware that in healthcare, you have the choice to go to a Denny’s or a Capital Grille? Are you aware that when it comes to your insurance, you are more likely to pay more for Denny’s than you are for Capital Grille? Why does this happen? The Denny’s of healthcare is a massive chain company with many locations and when it comes to battling insurance companies, there is strength in numbers. The Capital Grilles on the other hand are small. Even though they have impressive food, ambiance and service, they are annoying and insignificant to insurance providers.

What does this mean? It means that Freedom PTTC is a Capital Grille! It means that you should be pickier for who cares for you and your health instead of settling for a Denny’s. Due to lower reimbursement rates from insurance providers, healthcare professionals have had to make a choice: Will we be a volume or value-based operation? In a volume based physical therapy clinic, you might find yourself being treated at the same time as two or three other patients. You could be treated by an assistant or an aid. At Freedom PTTC, we have chosen to be a valued-based company who provides you with one-on-one care with a Doctor of Physical Therapy for the entirety of your treatment.

At Freedom PTTC, we not only value our patients, but we also value our staff. In a volume-based company, physical therapists are pushed to their limits and expected to treat an enormous number of patients each day. Just like a Denny’s server, they are over worked, tired, and possibly headed towards burnout. At Freedom PTTC, we expect our physical therapists to invest in you and take the time it needs to help you return to sports, running, walking, or picking up the kids in your life. Time matters, one-on-one care matters, and your wellbeing matters at Freedom PTTC. Come check us out!

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Feb 23, 2018

(We Are) Technologically Advanced

Technology is all around us and growing at a rapid pace. Online shopping is at an all-time high, cars can drive themselves, and information is available faster than ever before. Technology provides information at a pace which allows for quicker and more accurate decision making.

Freedom PTTC provides more accurate diagnosis and quick results because we are the most technologically advanced PT clinic in the KC area. As a patient at Freedom, you will have access to:

#1 Slow Motion Video Capture –Freedom PTTC utilizes slow motion video capture to assess all your functional movements with up to 120 frames per second. For example, if you are a runner, we can evaluate frame by frame to see exactly when your foot strikes the ground, where on your foot you land, and how that affects your whole body throughout the entire gait cycle. We are able to stop at any frame to measure biomechanical markers such as hip drop, foot strike, pronation vs supination, and trunk stability.


#2 MyoPressure Dynamic Gait and Pressure Analysis Treadmill – This
treadmill has a force plate imbedded into it and provides objective data including: pressure mapping for your foot, force production, stride length, cadence, pronation, supination, and step length just to name a few. The information is quickly assessed, recorded, and provided in an organized report. From this report, a Freedom physical therapist with expertise in biomechanics will be able to provide a plan of care that will accurately and quickly get you back to walking, running, or sprinting pain free.

#3 Surface EMG Biofeedback – Contrary to widespread belief, surface EMG does not shock, poke, or cause muscle twitching. By applying a sticker to your muscle, we use the EMG to access how well your muscle is working. We can see how many action potentials are being sent from your brain to the muscle (action potentials are electrical currents that travel down your nerve to cause a muscle to contract, allowing for you to move). When we move poorly, our brain begins to compensate by using certain muscles more than others. After a period of compensating and poor movement, pain sets in. By using surface EMG, we are able to retrain your brain to use the correct muscles rather than compensatory muscles for proper movement.

At Freedom PTTC we make sure we are on the cutting edge, providing you the best possible care. Our slow motion capturing abilities allow for us to stop your video, draw angles, and obtain mechanical degrees of your current movement. The pressure sensitive treadmill provides objective data such as newtons, millimeters, steps/minute, stride length in inches, and pressure mappings during foot contact with the ground. Our EMG can be used for biofeedback to retrain your brain or pick up your muscles max contraction in microvolts.

We prioritize having the best technology so that we can provide you with the best care. Our technology allows us to give you quicker and more accurate information that measures your before and after treatment. Our goal is to instill in you the confidence to return to your job, sport, or active lifestyle without pain or fear!


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Feb 09, 2018

(We Are) Innovative

In-no-va-tive: adjective (of a product, idea, etc.) featuring new methods; advanced and original.

“The difference between being creative and being innovative is the execution – the capacity to turn an idea into a successful service, product, or venture” (Tomas Chamoro-Premuzic)

Freedom PTTC strives to set you free from pain, free from doubt, and free to succeed in all you do. It’s not just our job; it’s our passion to free you of the pain that permits you from running, playing catch, or wrestling with the kids in your life. We truly believe that we have the best job in the world. As we engineer innovative, effective forms of rehab, we are actually changing lives.  Our athletes return to sport faster, safer, and stronger than ever before. In order to join Team Freedom, our physical therapist must be forward thinking, passionate, advanced, and INNOVATIVE in their care for you.


Freedom PTTC Innovation:

  • Data Collection –“Before and after” objective data is crucial in understanding one’s success. Orthopedists use X-ray and MRI imaging of muscles or joints to
    explain how they have helped you through surgery. Weight loss experts use the scale in before and after photos to encourage
    change. A cancer patient rejoices and mourns based on the results of a PET scan. Professional athlete’s contracts are determined by a compilation of statistics. At Freedom PTTC you will receive detailed, objective data through written reports and two-dimensional slow-motion video capture of before and after changes in your movement. You will not only walk out of Freedom feeling better; you will know how to MOVE freely and safely. At Freedom, we are in the business of teaching you that you “can.”
  • Home Exercise Programs – If you come to Freedom PTTC, you will be asked to work. We know what will be best for you and do our best to streamline your home programs. Although we are capable of printing out your exercises and willing to draw stick figures, we find that your phone works best. We simply explain in detail what you need to do while videoing you doing your exercises. This gives you the opportunity to have us at your disposal at any given time. Just watch the video and do it right! Maybe a Freedom App is in our future?
  • Cutting Edge Care – To be blunt, we do not use passive modalities for our treatments. We offer ice after your treatment and have vasopneumatic recovery boots when needed. You won’t find TENs units, ultrasound machines, or traction devices at Freedom PTTC because research does not support long term improvements from these approaches. Movement is the best treatment and we apply it liberally, allowing you to increase your confidence and independence each day.

We love to treat you with the latest and greatest, even if
insurance chooses not to pay for it. Why?
Because you deserve it! As a forward thinking, passionate, and innovative rehabilitative practice, Freedom PTTC will not only provide the latest care but will pave the way for future growth in our industry. Our profession is exciting and technology is only getting better! Come check out how Freedom PTTC 
is using innovation to free you from pain, free you from doubt and providing you the freedom to succeed in all you do.

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Feb 02, 2018

Who We Are

The Top 10 SHOCKING Things You Don’t Know About Freedom Physical Therapy and Training Center

IF YOU DO NOT READ ANYTHING FURTHER, KNOW THIS: The Freedom PTTC dream is for you. Do not settle for mediocracy when it comes to healthcare. You deserve what Freedom PTTC has to offer. If you care to know how we are different, come see for yourself. If you need a little more convincing, check out our reviews or follow along for the next 10 weeks as I explain exactly what it is that sets us apart.

Freedom PTTC Started from Nothing

In November of 2014 two amazing things happened. The San Francisco Giants won the World Series for the third time in five years and Bethany and I decided to move back to her hometown of Shawnee, Kansas to start Freedom Physical Therapy and Training Center. The drive from California to Kansas was one full of emotion and tears; tears of excitement, joy, fear, anticipation, sadness, hope, and some serious butt and back soreness! Man was not made to sit for that long, but I digress. Bethany and I were an unstoppable team headed to Kansas with a dream. For those of you who have not met Bethany, she is my beautiful and talented wife who runs Freedom PTTC from behind the scenes. She started out as our accountant, officer manager, medical biller/coder, scheduler, front desk, and HR coordinator. Due to our growth as a Freedom Family and as a Dequine Family we hired the amazing Christa Wessel to take over many of the office roles.

I want to start our blog series: The 10 Shocking Things That You Do Not Know About Freedom Physical Therapy and Training Center by reminding those of you who have been with us from the beginning who we are, while sharing our dreams, vision, and mission to those who are new to Freedom. Freedom PTTC exists to bring restoration and increased function to the human body by cultivating belief, encouraging purpose, and establishing goals amongst our clients, athletes and staff, young and old alike. We do this by being innovative and technologically advanced while providing you one on one care from an evidenced based Doctor of Physical Therapy.  

We are often asked why we chose to start our business so far west of KC; the answer is simple: supply and demand. Although we believe we are worth the drive, east of I-435 is saturated with “Walmart Pop Shop Rehab Clinics” and there was nothing out west. Well, except hundreds of new housing communities, 4 high schools, Pinnacle Gymnastics, Solution One CrossFit, and baseball, softball, and soccer fields by the dozen. Come on now, we hit the Jackpot!

Freedom PTTC is a dream I’ve had for years, birthed out of days spent at coffee shops writing business plans, hours spent on the phone with the IRS, the state of Kansas, the Center for Medicare Services, a plethora of insurance companies, and years of prayer. Lots and lots of prayer, with many miracles along the way (you should ask me about the IRS miracle sometime). We love being in Kansas, being out west, and living out our dream! Team Dequine will always be at the core of Team Freedom, but with the likes of Bret Crossland PT, DPT, Christa Wessel, Kelsey Wakefield and Rebeckah Weddle now on board, THE SKY’S THE LIMIT!


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Jan 27, 2018

Once Unable to Walk, Now Looking to Run!

I would like to dedicate this to CJ. Born without a femur (long bone from hip to knee) as well as a rare bone disease called Hereditary Exostoses. Hereditary Exostoses presents with non-malignant tumors that grow within the bone. The tumors grow to more than uncomfortable proportions and often require removal. CJ was born without arguably the most important bone in his body and stricken by tumors in most of the bones that he did have. The combination provided him a life stricken to a wheelchair, doctor visits, and surgeries. At the age of 14, CJ opted for a surgical procedure called a Rotation Plasty only performed by a few surgeons in all the United States. The 14-hour surgery consisted of removing the femur-less portion of his leg, rotating the lower extremity from the knee down, and pulling it up to then be bolted into his pelvis. The ankle would then act like a knee joint allowing CJ the opportunity to have a prosthetic leg (Look it up! It’s amazing!). The operation of course was the easy part. CJ remained at the hospital for 6 months recovering andlearning to WALK! He now is nearly unstoppable and referred to Freedom PTTC to learn how to RUN! Throughout the process, CJ has participated in CrossFit, Adaptive sports such as Rugby, skateboarding, and boxing. He is now a personal trainer and desires to utilize his story to motivate and encourage others. 

Although impossible to completely relate to CJ, if you are unable to lift your child, walk your dog, or exercise to stay healthy due to pain, it doesn’t have to be that way. CJ realized that he did not have to stay in the wheelchair. It was going to have to take effort and a few life changes, however the potential outcomes were worth it! One thing I would like to mention about CJ. The 6 month stay in the hospital was originally planned to be 6 weeks. 6 years removed CJ continues to battle altercations. 5 months ago, he slipped and fell fracturing his hip. Currently he is suffering a pressure sore due to increased activity. Nonetheless, CJ has decided to press on and figure out how to stay moving! At Freedom, we offer all that we have to give him that chance and we hope that you also will believe in us. Take a chance, make a change and come and write your story with us! Just be ready to work.

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Nov 17, 2017

11-Year-Old Athlete Enduring Two Knee Surgeries

The young female athlete of this generation is playing sports faster, harder, and more frequently than ever. Therefore, they have an increased risk for injury. When you think of an injury, what scenario comes to your mind? My assumption is one of trauma, with athletes colliding and external forces resulting in broken bones, torn ligaments, and pulled muscles. While this can be a problem, it is largely unavoidable. Would you believe me if I told you that greater than 70% of ACL tears happen without the individual ever being touched by another athlete? If you care to do your research, read this article. Because traumatic injury is a risk of playing sport, we in the medical (especially rehabilitative) world have to do a better job with trying to prevent non-contact injuries. 70% is WAY TOO MUCH!

Read the testimony of Delaney written by her Mom: An 11-year-old who has had two, TWO, meniscal repairs! OH, BY THE WAY, pay attention to if her injuries were contact or non-contact in nature..

 Delaney has been active ever since I can even remember. Her love for sports started young. She has really loved playing volleyball and basketball. Last several years, she has played on several teams with her classmates. Her journey of injury began last October 2016, when she was trying out for a basketball team. She was doing great until she did a drill where she was dribbling and weaving in and out. After the tryout, she told me that she couldn’t straighten her knee. Well, when she woke in the morning she could hardly walk on it. Thankfully, we had an established relationship with several orthopedic doctors and she could be seen the next day after the tryout. We got to see Dr. Christopher Peer who immediately got a MRI ordered. After getting the MRI it was determined she had torn her meniscus in the inside handle. He recommended surgery. So, Nov. 10th, 2016, she had her 1st surgery. Rehabbed in a traditional rehab facility with multiple therapists who did this and that but never really worked on her strength and movement. She was finally released in April and immediately Delaney began gradually getting back into playing club basketball. She was exhausted cardiovascularly but worked to get going again.  She played several games in May. And at the end of school was feeling pretty good. She started strength and conditioning program at the school in the summer because nothing was going to hold her down. On June 12th, she attended strength and conditioning then turned around and went to a volleyball camp. This is where she came home and said that her knee started to hurt after volleyball after a certain drill done. We waited a couple days and Dr. Peer wanted to see her immediately. He ordered another MRI and it was visible that a new part of her meniscus was torn. She had the 2nd surgery June 27th. She was so disappointed and cried many nights on how she will never get back to where she was.
 We went back to the same traditional rehab. Same old, same old. We felt she wasn’t advancing or going anywhere. Thankfully a friend at school, said Julie you need to take her to Freedom PTTC. And she began telling all the progress that her daughter has gone through with much worse knee diagnosis than Delaney.
And so here we are…
My husband went with Delaney on the first visit and was so impressed with the motivation and words of encouragement for Delaney. It made us smile and cry. We thanked God that night that we found Freedom. It is funny how God works His wonder when you hand all your worries and woes over to Him. Thanks for all that you have done for Delaney so far. You have given her hope!!!  Thanks for being a motivator and mentor and of course her physical therapist.
 So, thank you!! 

I truly hope that if you or your child has suffered a knee injury, or play sports, that you have read down this far. I hate that I write so much and will work on my length. However, to repeat, WE MUST DO A BETTER JOB OF TREATING ATHLETES. With lower than ever reimbursement rates, it is difficult to spend time with our patients to educate them on movement, but what good are we if we don’t?! Delaney experienced two devastating injuries at an unfair age due to poor movement. At Freedom PTTC we obsess over the minute details, take the time, and use the latest technology to provide you and your child a chance to compete. Like Delaney, come and write your story with us and MOVE BETTER!

– Donny

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Oct 26, 2017

Ever Had a Migraine? How About for 3 Straight Years?

Hopefully you are reading this because you are inspired by awesome stories, and headaches/migraines are not a struggle of yours. However, if you happen to be plagued with them, how often? Once a month? One a week? How about, every day? Maybe, every day, all day? In the medical world, migraines are classified along this spectrum: How often do you get them? What are your symptoms? How severe are your symptoms? And how long do your symptoms last? Of course, if you are reading this not just for a cool story, and do struggle with migraines, you are fully educated on the medical process!

HERE COMES THE SHOCKER: I am not going to waste your time and give you remedies for reducing your headache symptoms. I am certain that you have done your research, unfortunately and most likely, with unfavorable results (Hence why you are reading this looking for the next possible break through). Like I posted in my last blog, my intentions are not to inundate you with useless fluff, but to share with you a Freedom Story and in turn invite you to come and write YOUR STORY with us.

While I introduce you to Haley think about your medical history. Does your story sound similar? Even if it does not, remember, there is a spectrum. All pain matters no matter how big or small.

Meet Haley:

A beautiful, talented, passionate, young woman who knows no stranger. Once you meet her, you walk away feeling as though you have a new best friend. She has a soul the size of California and finds joy in mentoring young women. Haley is now married, serves in her church, and has a full-time job.

Between the ages of 16-18 she suffered from chronic headaches, that NEVER left her. Day and night, she suffered horrific pain. Pain so severe she spent most of her days in doctors’ offices with an occasional emergency room visit. She was unable to continue with high school, unable to work, and desperate for answers. In her words: “I was under the care of approximately 10 different doctors and pain specialists over my 3 years. I tried every medication out there, had countless X-Rays and MRI’s. I tried multiple bouts of physical therapy, chiropractic care, non-invasive surgeries, Botox, Naturopathic doctors, and used all of the latest and greatest technology”.

REAL LIFE MOMENT: How many of you have or know of someone who has tried EVERYTHING? Do not give up. There is always hope.

As mentioned above, Haley is now living life. A FREE life. At Freedom, we believe in miracles and Haley is just that. Surely, we used our education to establish and reach Aerobic Exercise goals. We also educated her about pain and helped her establish a strong belief system. However, most importantly, we PRAYED for her. I must have cried for 10 minutes the day she walked in to Freedom pain free. Cried because of God’s miraculous provision and healing, Haley’s determination, and my opportunity to stand back and witness her life altering STORY!

This blog is already 5 paragraphs longer than I had hoped, so I will finish with this: Whoever you are, wherever you are, do not give up! If you dare to give us a chance, we would love to play a part in helping you write YOUR story.

– Donny

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Oct 13, 2017

Keeping the Story Going

I appreciate the platform of blogging and hope that it lives up to its potential. In a world of unnecessary information my intention is NOT to subject you to further useless fluff. All I want to do is promote what we do by sharing stories. At Freedom PTTC we believe everyone would be better off coming here for treatment. It is that simple. We truly believe in the care that we provide and are obsessed with staying true to who we are and what we do. Our goal is for YOU to be free from pain, free from doubt, and free to succeed in all that you care to do. We do this by being innovative, technologically savvy/advanced, and motivated by the latest research. Also, our success comes from your success. In a world of low insurance reimbursements we refuse to budge. At Freedom PTTC we promise that you will have one on one care from the same Doctor of Physical Therapy for every treatment. With this, a relationship can be built, collaboration is made possible, and optimal healing/function can happen! Unfortunately, this is not the standard of care elsewhere, rather, a conveyor belt/factory like production has begun to plague our medical system.

DO NOT FALL FOR IT AND DO NOT SETTLE! Healing happens when you are CARED for. Come to Freedom and write your story with us.

– Donny

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Oct 03, 2017
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