(We Are) Doctors of Physical Therapy

(We Are) Doctors of Physical Therapy

Mar 02, 2018
 At Freedom Physical Therapy, the same passionate Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) will treat you every visit until the completion of your care. To break it down, here is how we implement this goal at Freedom PTTC:
  • “Treated with Passion”: At Freedom PTTC, our DPTs job is to help you break free from your pain and your doubt. Freedom DPT’s work hard so that you have the freedom to live a healthy, movement filled life.
  • “Treated by a Doctor of PT”: At Freedom PTTC you will receive one on one care from the best. Those who come to us for care will always work with a DPT, not an aide, tech, or assistant.
  • “Same Doctor of PT for every visit”: This one is simple. You will have the same DPT for every visit. They start your care, join your team, and invest completely.
  • “Until the completion of your care”: At Freedom PTTC we fight for you. We fight for you to move in such a way that brings you freedom. Freedom to run, jump, lift your baby, carry your groceries, get off the couch, and get in the game!


A DPT is a board certified, nationally recognized healthcare provider who has at least 7 years of schooling and has thousands of clinical hours. The education is rigorous, but the process of getting accepted into an accredited DPT program alone is an impressive feat! In 2014, it was required that you must have your Doctorate in Physical Therapy. This posed a major supply and demand crisis, as many state universities were unable to maintain their accreditation. On average, Physical Therapy Doctoral programs will receive over 1500 applications each year but only accept between 40-60 students. The selection process is tough and only the best of the best make it through their schooling. The bottom line at Freedom PTTC is that you will be seen by a DPT. No one has more education, experience, or credibility and you deserve to be cared for by the best.


*To learn more about each of our passionate Doctors of Physical Therapy, CLICK HERE!

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