(We Are) Technologically Advanced

(We Are) Technologically Advanced

Feb 09, 2018

Technology is all around us and growing at a rapid pace. Online shopping is at an all-time high, cars can drive themselves, and information is available faster than ever before. Technology provides information at a pace which allows for quicker and more accurate decision making.

Freedom PTTC provides more accurate diagnosis and quick results because we are the most technologically advanced PT clinic in the KC area. As a patient at Freedom, you will have access to:

#1 Slow Motion Video Capture –Freedom PTTC utilizes slow motion video capture to assess all your functional movements with up to 120 frames per second. For example, if you are a runner, we can evaluate frame by frame to see exactly when your foot strikes the ground, where on your foot you land, and how that affects your whole body throughout the entire gait cycle. We are able to stop at any frame to measure biomechanical markers such as hip drop, foot strike, pronation vs supination, and trunk stability.


#2 MyoPressure Dynamic Gait and Pressure Analysis Treadmill – This
treadmill has a force plate imbedded into it and provides objective data including: pressure mapping for your foot, force production, stride length, cadence, pronation, supination, and step length just to name a few. The information is quickly assessed, recorded, and provided in an organized report. From this report, a Freedom physical therapist with expertise in biomechanics will be able to provide a plan of care that will accurately and quickly get you back to walking, running, or sprinting pain free.

#3 Surface EMG Biofeedback – Contrary to widespread belief, surface EMG does not shock, poke, or cause muscle twitching. By applying a sticker to your muscle, we use the EMG to access how well your muscle is working. We can see how many action potentials are being sent from your brain to the muscle (action potentials are electrical currents that travel down your nerve to cause a muscle to contract, allowing for you to move). When we move poorly, our brain begins to compensate by using certain muscles more than others. After a period of compensating and poor movement, pain sets in. By using surface EMG, we are able to retrain your brain to use the correct muscles rather than compensatory muscles for proper movement.

At Freedom PTTC we make sure we are on the cutting edge, providing you the best possible care. Our slow motion capturing abilities allow for us to stop your video, draw angles, and obtain mechanical degrees of your current movement. The pressure sensitive treadmill provides objective data such as newtons, millimeters, steps/minute, stride length in inches, and pressure mappings during foot contact with the ground. Our EMG can be used for biofeedback to retrain your brain or pick up your muscles max contraction in microvolts.

We prioritize having the best technology so that we can provide you with the best care. Our technology allows us to give you quicker and more accurate information that measures your before and after treatment. Our goal is to instill in you the confidence to return to your job, sport, or active lifestyle without pain or fear!


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