(We Provide) One on One Care

(We Provide) One on One Care

Feb 23, 2018

If I go to an Ihop or a Denny’s, I am not surprised if I have a server who is overworked, tired, and underpaid. It is not a shock to me that I am not pampered with an ever-full glass of chilled water with a lemon, an explanation of the menu, or a warm towel to wipe my hands after the delicious, free dinner rolls. On the other hand, if I am at a restaurant like Capital Grille, I expect an incredible experience and even better service. As the old saying goes, “You get what you pay for.” Our culture has emphasized appropriate service for restaurants, hotels, and banks and when our expectations are not met, we are not only mad, but offended! We have set a precedent for what is acceptable and we are not afraid to voice our opinions. Just have a look at Yelp. 

What about when it comes to your health? Do you have a standard by which you follow to make sure that you not only get the best service, but the best care? Are you aware that in healthcare, you have the choice to go to a Denny’s or a Capital Grille? Are you aware that when it comes to your insurance, you are more likely to pay more for Denny’s than you are for Capital Grille? Why does this happen? The Denny’s of healthcare is a massive chain company with many locations and when it comes to battling insurance companies, there is strength in numbers. The Capital Grilles on the other hand are small. Even though they have impressive food, ambiance and service, they are annoying and insignificant to insurance providers.

What does this mean? It means that Freedom PTTC is a Capital Grille! It means that you should be pickier for who cares for you and your health instead of settling for a Denny’s. Due to lower reimbursement rates from insurance providers, healthcare professionals have had to make a choice: Will we be a volume or value-based operation? In a volume based physical therapy clinic, you might find yourself being treated at the same time as two or three other patients. You could be treated by an assistant or an aid. At Freedom PTTC, we have chosen to be a valued-based company who provides you with one-on-one care with a Doctor of Physical Therapy for the entirety of your treatment.

At Freedom PTTC, we not only value our patients, but we also value our staff. In a volume-based company, physical therapists are pushed to their limits and expected to treat an enormous number of patients each day. Just like a Denny’s server, they are over worked, tired, and possibly headed towards burnout. At Freedom PTTC, we expect our physical therapists to invest in you and take the time it needs to help you return to sports, running, walking, or picking up the kids in your life. Time matters, one-on-one care matters, and your wellbeing matters at Freedom PTTC. Come check us out!

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