Who We Are

Who We Are

Jan 27, 2018

The Top 10 SHOCKING Things You Don’t Know About Freedom Physical Therapy and Training Center

IF YOU DO NOT READ ANYTHING FURTHER, KNOW THIS: The Freedom PTTC dream is for you. Do not settle for mediocracy when it comes to healthcare. You deserve what Freedom PTTC has to offer. If you care to know how we are different, come see for yourself. If you need a little more convincing, check out our reviews or follow along for the next 10 weeks as I explain exactly what it is that sets us apart.

Freedom PTTC Started from Nothing

In November of 2014 two amazing things happened. The San Francisco Giants won the World Series for the third time in five years and Bethany and I decided to move back to her hometown of Shawnee, Kansas to start Freedom Physical Therapy and Training Center. The drive from California to Kansas was one full of emotion and tears; tears of excitement, joy, fear, anticipation, sadness, hope, and some serious butt and back soreness! Man was not made to sit for that long, but I digress. Bethany and I were an unstoppable team headed to Kansas with a dream. For those of you who have not met Bethany, she is my beautiful and talented wife who runs Freedom PTTC from behind the scenes. She started out as our accountant, officer manager, medical biller/coder, scheduler, front desk, and HR coordinator. Due to our growth as a Freedom Family and as a Dequine Family we hired the amazing Christa Wessel to take over many of the office roles.

I want to start our blog series: The 10 Shocking Things That You Do Not Know About Freedom Physical Therapy and Training Center by reminding those of you who have been with us from the beginning who we are, while sharing our dreams, vision, and mission to those who are new to Freedom. Freedom PTTC exists to bring restoration and increased function to the human body by cultivating belief, encouraging purpose, and establishing goals amongst our clients, athletes and staff, young and old alike. We do this by being innovative and technologically advanced while providing you one on one care from an evidenced based Doctor of Physical Therapy.  

We are often asked why we chose to start our business so far west of KC; the answer is simple: supply and demand. Although we believe we are worth the drive, east of I-435 is saturated with “Walmart Pop Shop Rehab Clinics” and there was nothing out west. Well, except hundreds of new housing communities, 4 high schools, Pinnacle Gymnastics, Solution One CrossFit, and baseball, softball, and soccer fields by the dozen. Come on now, we hit the Jackpot!

Freedom PTTC is a dream I’ve had for years, birthed out of days spent at coffee shops writing business plans, hours spent on the phone with the IRS, the state of Kansas, the Center for Medicare Services, a plethora of insurance companies, and years of prayer. Lots and lots of prayer, with many miracles along the way (you should ask me about the IRS miracle sometime). We love being in Kansas, being out west, and living out our dream! Team Dequine will always be at the core of Team Freedom, but with the likes of Bret Crossland PT, DPT, Christa Wessel, Kelsey Wakefield and Rebeckah Weddle now on board, THE SKY’S THE LIMIT!


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