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*While our programming is geared toward reducing the risk of injury, we are not promising nor marketing a risk free program. Exercise and sport, no matter what, brings a certain inherent risk of injury and even death. If you have questions, feel free to call, email, or click the chat option below.

Program Details

Your athletes are looking to you to not only provide for them, but to protect them and fight for them. Stop googling your next bout of conditioning! Let us help you, by providing: 

Easy to use app.

We use a third party app, Train Heroic, as a platform to make accessing our programs and videos as easy as possible. When you sign up, you will be given instructions as well as an access key for using the app. Your next bout of gymnastic specific conditioning is one click away.

effective exercises

Your conditioning for your gymnasts should be purposeful and calculated. Every week, you will be provided with a 10-30 minute conditioning program on the app, specifically designed to prep for a major skill. One round = 10 minutes, three rounds = 30 minutes. You choose what you have time for. Ideally, by the end of the week, you are doing all 3 rounds, safely and effectively.

video explanations

Detailed videos for every exercise with appropriate cuing and correct form. Remember, form is everything. Videos are also a great resource for your athletes who might not be able to participate for whatever reason. It is impossible for you to be two places at once!