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Why Consider Dry Needling:

5 Things You Should Know About Dry Needling:

1. Reduces pain and soreness.
2. Relieves trigger points or chronic muscle tightness.
3. Promotes healing.
4. Different from accupuncture.
5. Relatively pain free.

Most Common Treated Conditions:

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Pulled Muscle
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Shoulder Pain
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Stiff Neck
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Knee Pain
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Hip or Gluteal Pain
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Achilles Tendonitis
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Plantar Fascitis
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Shin Splints
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Tennis Elbow
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Golfers Elbow
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Upper Back Tightness
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Lower Back Pain/Stiffness

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What Does Dry Needling Work For?

What Makes Us Different


No matter who you are, you come with biomechanical baggage. Whether it is an old injury, sitting for work, or birthing babies, you move differently from everyone else. We understand this and tailor your exercises to help you move free from pain.


Every class is monitored by a physical therapist, or what we like to call a Doctor of Movement. Each is credentialed as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist and has experience in high level athletics and competition as players and now providers.


Because we have taken the guesswork out of your training, you will have energy left to chase your dreams. We aim to help you achieve your goals and change habits to lead to true freedom and success.

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Clinton S.

Before I visited Freedom Physical Therapy, I had two steroid injections in my lower back over the course of a month to correct a bulging disc. This did not help me and I was eventually referred to Don. After one month, I started to get my life back by being able walk without pain. Today, I’m able to go to the gym and perform exercises without injury thanks to FPT. Also, the staff is awesome!

Erik P.

I had some major hip pain that was limiting my golf swing and life. Thanks to Donny I am now 100 percent pain free. He is very personable and incredibly easy to work with. I highly recommend seeing Donny if you are living with any kind of physical pain. I thought the pain I had was something I was going to have to live with and did for many years. Boy was I wrong. Thanks again Donny!