Freedom Physical Therapy and Training Center exists to bring restoration and increased function to the human body.

About Freedom

we Cultivate Belief

What do you believe about your current ability to move? Why do you believe that to be the case? Do you believe that you are too slow, too heavy, too old, too un-athletic, out of shape, or too far gone? Is it apart of your "DNA" to not exercise? Maybe you "do not have time"? Do not believe the lies! We don't. Let us help.

we Establish Purpose

Mowing the lawn, holding your baby, playing ball with your children, babysitting your grandchildren, or the desire to feel good again defines purpose. When one is taken away, it is not long until the next goes too. Eventually, hope begins to fade. As long as there is a purpose, there is hope.

we Achieve Goals

When you have a purpose, goals are attainable. More important than setting and achieving goals, however, is learning to enjoy the process by which you achieved the goal. When that is discovered, true freedom takes place!


Dr. Don C. Dequine Jr. PT, DPT, CSCS


At the age of 17, Donny was threatened with total paralysis after a snowboarding accident. By God’s grace, emergency surgery, and relentless rehab, he accomplished a successful collegiate soccer career. He is now on to a passionate pursuit of making an impact in today's health and fitness industry.


Dr. Timothy Mahoney PT, DPT, OCS

Doctor of Physical Therapy

After completing a one-year residency program after PT school, Dr. Tim has continued to treat his patients with above and beyond care. His steady and calm presence puts any patient at ease.


Bethany Dequine


A successful runner and AMAZING wife and mother, Bethany finds joy in the fine details of life. She loves to volunteer her time with young runners and is the glue that holds Freedom PTTC together. She is the Boss.


Cathy Webber

Office Manager

Cathy grew up in Illinois and moved to the KC area in 1992 after meeting her husband. She enjoys spending time with her family, hiking and camping, walking with her Goldendoodle, Reggie. Her husband, Jon, and her have 2 sons and 1 daughter. She also has 2 stepdaughters and 4 grandchildren.


Emma Landers

Front Desk Coordinator/Social Media Coordinator

Emma was born in Iowa and has moved many times. She is from Maple Grove, Minnesota. When she has free time, Emma enjoys coffee shop hopping around Kansas City, going on walks, hanging out with friends, supporting the Jayhawks, and watching the sunset over Clinton Lake.


Rachel Dotson

Front Desk Coordinator

Rachel is from Parkville, Missouri. She has an amazing mom, dad, and five beautiful sisters: Courtney, Brooke, Victoria, Bridget, and Emily. She also has two cute dogs Zoey and Gabby. For fun, Rachel loves to read, spend time with her dogs, and go to coffee shops!


Tanner Sample

Tech/Training Center Coach

Tanner grew up in Olathe KS. He enjoys spending time with his family, golfing, Working out, and fishing. Tanner is currently a senior at Mid America Nazarene University with hopes of starting PT school in June.


Megan Skoch

Tech/Training Center Coach

Megan was born in Topeka, KS. When she has free time, Megan enjoys playing with her cat, coaching, sharing her gift of laughter, and hanging out with her family. She graduated from high school in 2019. Megan is a current senior at the University of St. Mary.


Ava Burns

Physical Therapy Tech

Ava is from Shawnee, KS and is a sophomore at the University of Kansas currently, rock chalk! She commutes from Lawrence, KS each day. For fun, she likes to go on walks with her dog, hang out with family and friends, and travel to the lake. She is currently studying exercise science on a pre-


Madelyn Esquibel

Physical Therapy Tech

Maddie is from Topeka, KS and attends University of Kansas currently, rock chalk! She commutes from Lawrence, KS each day. For fun, she likes to exercise, spend time with friends/family, and loves to travel around the world. She is currently majoring in pre-nursing. She has two brothers and two dogs