Freedom Physical Therapy and Training center exists to bring restoration and increased function to the human body.

About Freedom

we Cultivate Belief

What do you believe about your current ability to move? Why do you believe that to be the case? Do you believe that you are too slow, too heavy, too old, too un-athletic, out of shape, or too far gone? Is it apart of your "DNA" to not exercise? Maybe you "do not have time"? Do not believe the lies! We don't. Let us help.

we Establish Purpose

Mowing the lawn, holding your baby, playing ball with your children, babysitting your grandchildren, or the desire to feel good again defines purpose. When one is taken away, it is not long until the next goes too. Eventually, hope begins to fade. As long as there is a purpose, there is hope.

we Achieve Goals

When you have a purpose, goals are attainable. More important than setting and achieving goals, however, is learning to enjoy the process by which you achieved the goal. When that is discovered, true freedom takes place!


Dr. Don C. Dequine Jr. PT, DPT, CSCS


At the age of 17, Donny was threatened with total paralysis after a snowboarding accident. By God’s grace, emergency surgery, and relentless rehab, he accomplished a successful collegiate soccer career. He is now on to a passionate pursuit of making an impact in today's health and fitness industry.


Bethany Dequine


A successful runner and AMAZING wife and mother, Bethany finds joy in the fine details of life. She loves to volunteer her time with young runners and is the glue that holds Freedom PTTC together. She is the Boss.


Dr. Bret Crossland PT, DPT

Physical Therapist

Knowledgeable and eager to help his patients, Bret finds joy in listening to podcasts, reading research articles, and flying coast to coast in order to further his skills in Advanced Biomechanics and Rehabilitation. Bret enjoys grilling, watching football, and spending time with his wife, Abby.


Dr. A.J. Lewis PT, DPT

Physical Therapist

AJ's joy for life is infectious! Her energy ignites an entire room. Luckily for Freedom PTTC, we were given the opportunity to have AJ as a 3rd year DPT student on her last clinical rotation. Now, she is a full time DPT with a unique niche as a former Elite Gymnast.


Joel McQueen

Front Desk

Joel is currently finishing his undergraduate degree with the expectation of being admitted into a Doctoral of Physical Therapy program. Joel recently finished an internship at Freedom PTTC and upon completion was offered a job to be apart of the Freedom Team.