With physical therapy and fitness options on every corner, why choose Freedom? take a look below and then come and see for yourself.  

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Christina B.

I’ve struggled over the last couple years to find something that works for me. But this is different, you get classes that are tailored towards you to reach your personal goals, and I like that. Now, with Freedom in my life I’m looking forward to staying healthy for myself and my kids.

Morgan B.

Donny is awesome!! I had surgery on my ankle to repair ligaments and remove a bone chip, and Donny has been great to work with. He makes coming very fun and is super pacient. It has a very welcoming environment and the staff is super friendly. He teaches me strategies to becoming a better athlete, and explains things thoroughly so I understand what I'm doing when I'm doing it.

Olivia G.

Before I went to freedom physical therapy, I honestly thought I wasn’t going to be able to run again. After 3 months of physical therapy, I am running without any pain. Thanks Donnie!!

Erik P.

I had some major hip pain that was limiting my golf swing and life. Thanks to Donny I am now 100 percent pain free. He is very personable and incredibly easy to work with. I highly recommend seeing Donny if you are living with any kind of physical pain. I thought the pain I had was something I was going to have to live with and did for many years. Boy was I wrong. Thanks again Donny!

Clinton S.

Before I visited Freedom Physical Therapy, I had two steroid injections in my lower back over the course of a month to correct a bulging disc. This did not help me and I was eventually referred to Don. After one month, I started to get my life back by being able walk without pain. Today, I’m able to go to the gym and perform exercises without injury thanks to FPT. Also, the staff is awesome!