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* It hurts when you run
* It hurts after you run
* You're unable to recover
* Seen everyone...but us

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*A Discovery Visit is a 15 minute free consultation for runners who are interested in a full running analysis.

The running athlete is under-served and difficult to treat. At Freedom PTTC, we use science and cutting edge technology to answer the questions that no one else can. There is no one like us in the midwest.

Running Analysis Features + Benefits

Slow mo video capture

Your running, under a microscope! At 120 frames/second, we don't miss a thing.

Muscle Activation

EMG: What muscles do you use when you run?

Pressure Mapping

Your feet dictate what happens all the way up your body. Learn what they are doing when you run.

Ground Reaction

Force Plate Treadmill: Force = mass x acceleration. Do you know how hard you hit the ground? We do!

Biomechanical Strategies

Running is a repetitive sport. Doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results is insane. Make changes. We know what they should be.

Full Report

We cover a lot of information in your 1.5 hour RA. Therefore, we provide you with a detailed report with images and explanations for you, your physician, or coach.
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About Freedom's Running Analysis

The Facts

Running is a repetitive sport. Doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results is insanity. - Einstein. If you are plagued with injuries (every runner) it is probably not your shoes... or inserts.

Our Method

Combine pressure mapping with force production (every action has an equal and opposite reaction = ground reaction force) to muscles  utlization picked up by EMG with slow motion video for biomechanical compensations. Head to toe assessment of joint movement, muscle strength, running history, full written report.

Your Treatment

Depending on your RA your treatment will start at one of three phases.
1: Neuromuscular Education (Teaching your brain how to fire certain muscles).
2: Double Limb to Single Limb strengthening.
3: Biomechanical Running Retraining.

FREEDOM PTTC Testimonials

Christina B.

I’ve struggled over the last couple years to find something that works for me. But this is different, you get classes that are tailored towards you to reach your personal goals, and I like that. Now, with Freedom in my life I’m looking forward to staying healthy for myself and my kids.

Les W.

I actually feel more in shape than from working out before. I have someone there who can make sure that I am doing the exercises right, and that has helped out a lot. Since I’ve started here at the Freedom Training Center I’ve lost 40 pounds, and I’m staying motivated to continue.