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*If it hurts when you throw, after you throw, or you are unable to recover, we can help.

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*A Discovery Visit is a 15 minute free consultation for throwers who are interested in a full throwing assessment.

Not only do we treat throwing related injuries, but we focus on the biomechanics to help reduce risk. Biomechanics are crucial to the success of the throwing athlete. We provide analysis, report, and rehabilitation.

Throwing Assessment Features + Benefits

Slow mo video capture

Shows biomechanical compensations. At 120 frames/second, we don't miss a thing.

Dynamometer Testing

Measures the maximum isometric strength.


Tests neurological activation.

Biomechanical Strategies

Throwing is a repetitive action. Doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results is insane. Make changes. We know what they should be.

Full Report

We cover a lot of information in your 2 hour TA. Therefore, we provide you with a roadmap to throwing more efficiently for you, your physician, or coach.
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About Freedom's Throwing Assessment

The Facts

Throwing is a repetitive motion. Doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results is insanity. - Einstein. Biomechanics are crucial to the success of the throwing athlete, and we focus on reducing the risk of injury.

Our Method

We focus on the biomechanics to reduce the risk of injury. We utilize slow-motion analysis, EMG, and dynamometer testing allowing us to provide a sense of direction and feedback based off objective data.

Your Treatment

Depending on your TA your treatment will start at one of three phases.
1: Neuromuscular Education (Teaching your brain how to fire certain muscles).
2: Strengthening.
3: Biomechanical Throwing Retraining.