General Questions:

What Makes Freedom PTTC Different?

Life change is happening everyday at Freedom PTTC. Whether you are a physical therapy patient or attending our training center, you are making a difference in someones life. Your ability to move provides opportunities to love on your grandchildren, work with a clear mind, obtain that goal/college scholarship. In summary, movement provides you with the energy and a capacity to love others.

Physical Therapy Questions:

Will I see the same Physical Therapist for every visit or be bounced around?

You will have the same Doctor of Physical Therapy for every visit.  

Do you take my insurance?

For physical therapy, we most likely do! We currently are contracted with most major insurance plans, however, call in or click the chat button bellow for a more detailed answer.

What Should I expect on My First PT Appointment?

Initially you will fill out a little paperwork, and then will promptly be seen by your Doctor of Physical Therapy. We ask that you wear comfortable clothes that permits the PT to assess your movement. You will most likely have to work hard your first day.

Training Center Questions:

What Makes Freedom's Group Fitness Different from the Others?

It is well researched that exercise enhances your quality of life. We also are fully aware that exercise is the number one cause for injury; correction: noisy, unreliable, and poorly executed exercise is the number one cause for injury. Our fitness program is designed by Doctors of Movement and executed by elite level coaches. Who better to work with than caring, joyful, grateful, and educated rock stars, for a fraction of the cost!

Can I Try the Training Center Before Committing?

Yes! We're offering a $49 first month for you to give us a try!

What if I Just Had Surgery or I am Injured, Can I do the Training Center instead of Physical Therapy?

Surgery, no. Injured, not ideal. Although we will have a Physical Therapist present during most of the fitness classes, they will not be able to provide the one on one attention needed to appropriately rehab an injury, let alone a surgically repaired body part.

How Does the Training Center Work?

It is simple.  The classes are specific to safe and effective movement, are flexible for scheduling, and have anywhere from 2-12 people per class.  All we ask is you show up! The workouts are tailored toward you! We go through a dynamic warm-up, complete the workout, and cool-down together.

How Much Does the Training Center Cost?

This depends on whether you are a Freedom Founder (One of the first 50 to sign up), who you work for, and what package you subscribe to. We have 3 packages to choose from. Basic = 1x/wk and only able to be used at a Freedom Foundations Class. Elite = 2x/wk and offered for Freedom Foundation classes or Tailored Fitness classes. Premium = Unlimited classes/wk and free entry into all live events. The best cost savings are on yearly subscriptions, however, month to month options are available.

Can I Pause my Training Center Membership?

Yes! Most definitely. If you are injured, sick, or pregnant, we will provide you with as much time as you need to get yourself back to exercising regurarly without annoying fees.

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