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It is not enough to feel better for the moment. Improve your movement so the pain does not return!

What We Treat


Back and neck injuries can devastate you and leave you immobile at times. Know this, you will get better. Let us help you.


Shoulder pain is rarely acute. Stop dealing with the pain and take the time to fix the problem. It most likely caused by a muscle weakness.


If this is you, stop throwing! If you don't throw, you are likely a golfer or stressed at work. We actually treat these.


Soccer, running, gymnastics, and sitting are the big culprits for hip pain. Similar to the shoulder, a muscle weakness is often the cause.


Secondary to back pain, knee pain is most common and crippling our ability to move. The sooner you fix it, the better your outcomes. Don't wait any longer!


Nagging is an understatement when describing ankle and foot pain. Fortunately, we have technology that helps us identify your problem. Knowing is half the battle!

What Makes Us Different


We love to treat you with the latest and greatest, even if insurance chooses not to pay for it. Why? Because you deserve it! As an innovative rehabilitative practice, Freedom PTTC will not only provide you with the best care but will pave the way for future growth in our industry.


EMG: Electromyogram allows for us to see what muscles your brain likes to use when you move.
Slow motion video: Have you ever seen yourself run, walk, or swing a golf club?
Force Plate: Many aches and pains are due to our all out desire to not use muscles, but instead use bones and ligaments to support us.

One on one care

At Freedom PTTC you will see the same Doctor of Physical Therapy for the entirety of your session and treatment plan. This allows for a relationship to be built. The relational aspect requires responsibility on both sides to do their best.


Clinton S.

Before I visited Freedom Physical Therapy, I had two steroid injections in my lower back over the course of a month to correct a bulging disc. This did not help me and I was eventually referred to Don. After one month, I started to get my life back by being able walk without pain. Today, I’m able to go to the gym and perform exercises without injury thanks to FPT. Also, the staff is awesome!

Olivia G.

Before I went to freedom physical therapy, I honestly thought I wasn’t going to be able to run again. After 3 months of physical therapy, I am running without any pain. Thanks Donnie!!