Overcoming Runners Dystonia with Julianne Dillon


Julianne Dillon joins the Freedom Stories Podcast to talk about runner's dystonia and shares how she is working hard to be on the path to recovery.

Written on
April 2, 2021
Dr. Don C. Dequine Jr. PT, DPT, CSCS

This month, the Freedom Stories Podcast is enthused to present the first installment of Julianne Dillon’s story, who is a highly decorated D1 athlete that is facing a rare movement disorder.  As Julianne started training for a half marathon, she began to notice a lack of coordination in her right leg.  Hesitant to share what was happening to her body, Julianne took it upon herself to research what she was experiencing.  This in turn led her to later be diagnosed with runner’s dystonia.  She describes her physical challenges as well as the mental roadblocks she's faced throughout this medical journey, and shares how she is working hard to be on the path to recovery.  Hopeful to run again, Julianne turns towards her community for support, love, and encouragement to keep her motivated.  Stay tuned for the second episode on Julianne and the progress she has made since we sat down with her last.

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