(We Are) Innovative


In order to join Team Freedom, our physical therapists must be forward thinking, passionate, advanced, and INNOVATIVE in their care for you. As we engineer innovative, effective forms of rehab, we are committed to changing lives.

Written on
January 24, 2020
Dr. Don C. Dequine Jr. PT, DPT, CSCS

In-no-va-tive: adjective (of a product, idea, etc.) featuring new methods; advanced and original.

“The difference between being creative and being innovative is the execution – the capacity to turn an idea into a successful service, product, or venture” (Tomas Chamoro-Premuzic)

Freedom PTTC strives to set you free from pain, free from doubt, and free to succeed in all you do. It’s not just our job; it’s our passion to free you of the pain that permits you from running, playing catch, or wrestling with the kids in your life. We truly believe that we have the best job in the world. As we engineer innovative, effective forms of rehab, we are actually changing lives.  Our athletes return to sport faster, safer, and stronger than ever before. In order to join Team Freedom, our physical therapist must be forward thinking, passionate, advanced, and INNOVATIVE in their care for you.

Freedom PTTC Innovation:

  • Data Collection –“Before and after” objective data is crucial in
  • understanding one’s success. Orthopedists use X-ray and MRI imaging of muscles or joints to
    explain how they have helped you through surgery. Weight loss experts use the scale in before and after photos to encourage
    change. A cancer patient rejoices and mourns based on the results of a PET scan. Professional athlete’s contracts are determined by a compilation of statistics. At Freedom PTTC you will receive detailed, objective data through written reports and two-dimensional slow-motion video capture of before and after changes in your movement. You will not only walk out of Freedom feeling better; you will know how to MOVE freely and safely. At Freedom, we are in the business of teaching you that you “can.”
  • Home Exercise Programs – If you come to Freedom PTTC, you will be asked to work. We know what will be best for you and do our best to streamline your home programs. Although we are capable of printing out your exercises and willing to draw stick figures, we find that your phone works best. We simply explain in detail what you need to do while videoing you doing your exercises. This gives you the opportunity to have us at your disposal at any given time. Just watch the video and do it right! Maybe a Freedom App is in our future?
  • Cutting Edge Care – To be blunt, we do not use passive modalities for our treatments. We offer ice after your treatment and have vasopneumatic recovery boots when needed. You won’t find TENs units, ultrasound machines, or traction devices at Freedom PTTC because research does not support long term improvements from these approaches. Movement is the best treatment and we apply it liberally, allowing you to increase your confidence and independence each day.

We love to treat you with the latest and greatest, even if insurance chooses not to pay for it. Why?
Because you deserve it! As a forward thinking, passionate, and innovative rehabilitative practice, Freedom PTTC will not only provide the latest care but will pave the way for future growth in our industry. Our profession is exciting and technology is only getting better! Come check out how Freedom PTTC is using innovation to free you from pain, free you from doubt and providing you the freedom to succeed in all you do.