MadIlyn Conner

  1. Madilyn is from Fort Scott, Kansas where she has two younger sisters. She has a passion for fitness and wanting to expand on her craft. Madelyn loves spending time with her friends and family and create many memories.
  2. What is the best part of your story so far?

Throughout college I have had the opportunity to meet people who have been extremely instrumental in my professional developments.

  1. Name three words that you would use to describe yourself.

Passionate, Driven, and Accommodating

  1. What is something no one would ever believe to be true about you?

I grew up on a farm making mud pies for fun.

  1. What are you passionate about related to the work you do in serving others?

I am passionate about being a listening ear when needed and openness for accommodations.

  1. What are you doing when you feel most like you?

Going outside or crocheting fills my soul.

  1. What is one thing you are trying to make a habit?

I am trying to ask people different questions when I meet them.